Kubernetes Security&Internals Training

Topic: Kubernetes security and internals training.

Duration: Two days (16h, recommended) or one day (8h).

Abstract: Kubernetes security is a very complex and yet underexplored topic. It’s easy to make a mistake that will cause a compromise of the entire cluster.

The training is divided into several modules covering diverse topics, such as:

  • Kubernetes basic usage (command line and via browser UI),
  • Kubernetes components and architecture,
  • Kubernetes application hardening guide,
  • Monitoring, auditing and API permissions,
  • Low level aspects of container security.

You can find the suggested agenda here, but keep in mind that the training is flexible and we may add or remove topics as desired.

We provide:

  • Our expertise for the duration of the exercise, and limited support directly after,
  • Access to the training platform for every participant (every trainee gets access to a individual cluster with exercises),
  • Printed booklets with cheatsheets and main takeaways for every participant,
  • Certificates of completion for everyone who successfully completes the training.


The trainers for this workshop are industry experts with strong experience in dev-ops techniques and IT security.

How to enroll

If you prefer, you can also contact us directly.